Why Attend

Why Attend Global Konkan

Why do people attend Global Konkan? Reasons for attendees and event organizers

  • To network. ...
  • To expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems. ...
  • To present your ideas and work to others. ...
  • For people to meet you. ...
  • Learn beyond your field or interest.

For Corporates

With more than 8 lakhs of visitors expected to the event in five days, Global Kokan gives you Corporates a wonderful opportunity to showcase your products and services. It widens your horizon by reaching pool of visitors.

Konkani Corporates

Global Kokan Festival is time of pride for all the Kokani's around the world. This festival showcases the strength of Kokani Entrepreneurs/corporates. Be one to endorse the glory of Kokan and your business.


A grand way to showcase your hotel and its specialty to world. Global Kokan is an outstanding dais to unveil your hotel and its offerings. We welcome you...!!

Supporting Our Project

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