Hon. Devendra Fadnavis


People of Kokan region have done a lot of work in their field & I believe that kokan cannot be left behind if all the people decide to come together for the development of kokan. The state government will also fully stand behind for the development of Kokan. For the development of tourism in Kokan, You must do whatever you have been requested through the Global Kokan Festival.

Hon. Sharadchandra Pawar

Ex. Union minister - Agriculture

It is heartwarming to see that I was able to stay on a good program. You're all working great. The enthusiasm should be maintained that everyone is trying to get together for the development of Kokan. And if you can do this work in Kokan today, it will give very big boost to Maharashtra's economy.

Hon. Uddhavji Thackray

President - Shiv Sena

Kokan has an outstanding form of nature's richness in this festival. Tourism, products, food culture and folk art in Kokan can be seen as well. We are committed to the best cooperation for the overall development of Kokan.

Hon. Nitinji Gadkari

Union Minister-Road Transport & Highways

I sincerely Congratulate & thank all of you for organizing this event by keeping aside the politics on the occasion of Global Kokan Festival. I think that If we start implementing right policies, people will go from Mumbai to Kokan instead of Kokan to Mumbai. Enriched kokan will be created. Thousands of youth will get employment & Kokan will be considered as a great tourist destination on the world map.

Hon. Prithvirajji Chavan


Thank you Global Kokan, the potential for development of Kokan is that effective production of Kokan products should be made. This fascination should be used to preserve Kokan's prosperity by promoting nature and developing it. India is now emerging as a great power in Contributions of the state's development

Hon. Anantji Geete

UNION Minister - Heavy Industries

Through the Global Kokan Festival, a resolution has been taken to bring Kokan to the map of the world in the field of tourism and the path has begun. There is a need to work together by giving a lot of support to the organization.

Hon. Ajitdada Pawar


Considering the vast coastal landscape of Kokan and the nesting beauty on the corners, we have a great opportunity for tourism here and we should change our mentality towards Kokan area and to look at its tourism, and I am happy to announce that for development of Kokan tourism I am sanctioning Rs 50 cr. in the upcoming budget. Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan should coordinate all development work for Kokan.

Hon. Nana Patekar


The Global Kokan Festival is a hub for Kokan settlers today People from all walks of life in Kokan are present under one umbrella that we can see today. I am publishing a book soon after playing a warm and intimate role in my hometown of Konan. Through the interaction of each other, we are excited to keep the Kokan land with the golden letters on the global map.